[0/2] Fixes on IOVA mode selection
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  • Fixes on IOVA mode selection
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David Marchand July 10, 2019, 9:48 p.m. UTC
Following the issues reported by Jerin and the discussion that emerged
from it, here are fixes to restore and document the behavior of the EAL
and the pci bus driver.

I pondered all the arguments and tried to have the less changes possible.
I can't find a need for a flag to just announce support of physical
addresses from the pmd point of view.
So it ended up with something really close to what Jerin had suggested.

But the problem is that this is still unfinished wrt the documentation.
I will be offline for 10 days and we need this to move forward, so sending

TODO on the second patch:
- split it (?),
- add documentation on PCI bus considerations,
- add more rationals on RTE_IOVA_DC in the commitlog and the documentation,
- fix the remaining bugs (hopefully, none),