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Xiaoyun Li July 29, 2022, 7:30 p.m. UTC
Update documentation of GVE PMD and release note.
Add Junfeng Guo as GVE PMD maintainer since he'll work on GVE PMD
in the future and maintain it and I won't be available for maintaining.

Signed-off-by: Xiaoyun Li <xiaoyun.li@intel.com>
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@@ -697,6 +697,12 @@  F: drivers/net/enic/
 F: doc/guides/nics/enic.rst
 F: doc/guides/nics/features/enic.ini
+Google Virtual Ethernet
+M: Junfeng Guo <junfeng.guo@intel.com>
+F: drivers/net/gve/
+F: doc/guides/nics/gve.rst
+F: doc/guides/nics/features/gve.ini
 Hisilicon hns3
 M: Dongdong Liu <liudongdong3@huawei.com>
 M: Yisen Zhuang <yisen.zhuang@huawei.com>
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+; Supported features of the Google Virtual Ethernet 'gve' poll mode driver.
+; Refer to default.ini for the full list of available PMD features.
+Speed capabilities   = Y
+Link status          = Y
+MTU update           = Y
+TSO                  = Y
+RSS hash             = Y
+L4 checksum offload  = Y
+Basic stats          = Y
+Stats per queue      = Y
+Linux                = Y
+x86-32               = Y
+x86-64               = Y
+Usage doc            = Y
diff --git a/doc/guides/nics/gve.rst b/doc/guides/nics/gve.rst
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@@ -0,0 +1,65 @@ 
+..  SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
+    Copyright(C) 2022 Intel Corporation.
+GVE poll mode driver
+The GVE PMD (**librte_net_i40e**) provides poll mode driver support for
+Google Virtual Ethernet device.
+The base code is under MIT license and based on GVE kernel driver v1.3.0.
+GVE base code files are:
+- gve_adminq.h
+- gve_adminq.c
+- gve_register.h
+- gve_desc.h
+- gve_desc_dqo.h
+Please refer to https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-virtual-ethernet-linux/tree/v1.3.0/google/gve
+to find the original base code.
+GVE has 3 queue formats:
+GQI_QPL queue format is queue page list mode. Driver needs to allocate
+memory and register this memory as a Queue Page List (QPL) in hardware
+(Google Hypervisor/GVE Backend) first. Each queue has its own QPL.
+Then Tx needs to copy packets to QPL memory and put this packet's offset
+in the QPL memory into hardware descriptors so that hardware can get the
+packets data. And Rx needs to read descriptors of offset in QPL to get
+QPL address and copy packets from the address to get real packets data.
+GQI_RDA queue format works like usual NICs that driver can put packets'
+physical address into hardware descriptors.
+DQO_RDA queue format has submission and completion queue pair for each
+Tx/Rx queue. And similar as GQI_RDA, driver can put packets' physical
+address into hardware descriptors.
+Please refer to https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/networking/device_drivers/ethernet/google/gve.html
+to get more information about GVE queue formats.
+Features and Limitations
+In this release, the GVE PMD provides the basic functionality of packet
+reception and transmission.
+Supported features of the GVE PMD are:
+- Multiple queues for TX and RX
+- Receiver Side Scaling (RSS)
+- TSO offload
+- Port hardware statistics
+- Link state information
+- TX multi-segments (Scatter TX)
+- Tx UDP/TCP/SCTP Checksum
+Currently, only GQI_QPL and GQI_RDA queue format are supported in PMD.
+Jumbo Frame is not supported in PMD for now. It'll be added in the future
+DPDK release.
+Also, only GQI_QPL queue format is in use on GCP since GQI_RDA hasn't been
+released in production.
diff --git a/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_22_11.rst b/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_22_11.rst
index 8c021cf050..6674f4cf6f 100644
--- a/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_22_11.rst
+++ b/doc/guides/rel_notes/release_22_11.rst
@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@  New Features
      Also, make sure to start the actual text at the margin.
+* **Added GVE net PMD**
+  Added the new ``gve`` net driver for Google Virtual Ethernet devices.
+  See the :doc:`../nics/gve` NIC guide for more details on this new driver.
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