[v5,0/27] net/ena: new features and fixes

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Michal Krawczyk June 11, 2018, 11 a.m. UTC
  The ENA driver was updated with the new features and few fixes and minor
changes are introduced.
First of all, the communication layer which is delivered by vendor was
updated - the version in the HEAD is a bit outdated now. ENA is able to
communicate with the driver through Admin queue by using admin interrupts
instead of polling.
Admin interrupts are also used for handling AENQ events, which are used for
the following new features:
  - LSC handlers
  - watchdog and device rest
  - monitoring the admin queue
  - handling ENA notifications (getting hints from device)
For the watchdog and admin queue monitoring, the timers had to be used, so
the makefile was modified to do not cut out the librte_timer.

From other fixes and changes:
  - legacy LLQ was removed which is now deprecated API
  - Rx out of order completion was added to enable cleaning up packets out
    of order
  - Tx mbufs are now linearized if they exceed supported number of segments
  - pass information about maximum number of Tx and Rx descriptors
  - the IO queue number is now taking into consideration maximum number of
    sq and cq
  - Tx id requested for sending is now being validated and the reset is
    being triggered if it is invalid
  - branch predictioning was added for better performance
  - error checking and returned values were fixed
  - macros for allocating memory in communication layer were fixed
  - information about numa mode is now being passed to the NIC

* Fix icc compile error in ena_com (timestamp unsused if debug not set)

* Fix ena_com build error with debug enabled

* Change version of the ENA PMD to 1.1.0
* Fix icc compile errors
* Remove patch adding librte_timer as --whole-archive (it is already in)
* Add lrte-timer dependency to ENA to resolve error when building DPDK
  as shared library

* Rebased on top of dpdk-next-net
* Added link speed patch
* Added fix when allocating coherent memory in the PMD

Michal Krawczyk (12):
  net/ena: change version number to 1.1.0
  net/ena: update ena_com to the newer version
  net/ena: add interrupt handler for admin queue
  net/ena: add stop and uninit routines
  net/ena: add LSC intr support and AENQ handling
  net/ena: restart only initialized queues instead of all
  net/ena: add reset routine
  net/ena: add lrte_timer dependency for linking
  net/ena: add watchdog and keep alive AENQ handler
  net/ena: add checking for admin queue state
  net/ena: add RX out of order completion
  net/ena: store handle after memory allocation

Rafal Kozik (15):
  net/ena: remove support of legacy LLQ
  net/ena: handle ENA notification
  net/ena: make watchdog configurable
  net/ena: linearize Tx mbuf
  net/ena: add info about max number of Tx/Rx descriptors
  net/ena: unimplemented handler error
  net/ena: rework configuration of IO queue numbers
  net/ena: validate Tx req id
  net/ena: add (un)likely statements
  net/ena: adjust error checking and cleaning
  net/ena: update numa node
  net/ena: check pointer before memset
  net/ena: change memory type
  net/ena: fix GENMASK_ULL macro
  net/ena: set link speed as none

 drivers/net/ena/Makefile                        |    1 +
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_com.c                  |  711 +++++++-------
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_com.h                  |  112 +--
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_defs/ena_admin_defs.h  | 1164 +++++++----------------
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_defs/ena_common_defs.h |    8 +-
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_defs/ena_eth_io_defs.h |  758 +++++----------
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_defs/ena_gen_info.h    |    4 +-
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_defs/ena_includes.h    |    2 -
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_defs/ena_regs_defs.h   |   36 +
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_eth_com.c              |   78 +-
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_eth_com.h              |   10 +-
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_plat.h                 |    2 -
 drivers/net/ena/base/ena_plat_dpdk.h            |   74 +-
 drivers/net/ena/ena_ethdev.c                    |  720 +++++++++++---
 drivers/net/ena/ena_ethdev.h                    |   32 +-
 mk/rte.app.mk                                   |    1 +
 16 files changed, 1710 insertions(+), 2003 deletions(-)