[00/40] ice base code update

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Qi Zhang Sept. 7, 2020, 11:27 a.m. UTC
  main changes:
1. Added support for outer IP filter for GTPC.
2. Added support for outer IP filter for GPTU control packet (no inner IP)
3. Added support for QinQ switch filter
4. code refactor and bug fixes

Qi Zhang (40):
  net/ice/base: handle error gracefully in HW table calloc
  net/ice/base: split caps discover into two functions
  net/ice/base: avoid unnecessary single-member variable-length structs
  net/ice/base: fix issues around move nodes
  net/ice/base: cleanup stack hog
  net/ice/base: clean the code wrapping
  net/ice/base: cleanup misleading comment
  net/ice/base: silence static analysis warning
  net/ice/base: replace single-element array used for C struct hack
  net/ice/base: introduce and use bitmap set API
  net/ice/base: introduce and use bitmap hamming weight API
  net/ice/base: add function header
  net/ice/base: introduce and use for each bit iterator
  net/ice/base: correct abbreviations
  net/ice/base: add AQ cmd 0X0A0A LLDP fltr control
  net/ice/base: add support for GTP-U type switch rule
  net/ice/base: join format strings to same line
  net/ice/base: introduce Tx rate limiting on port level
  net/ice/base: reduce profile to recip info get from firmware
  net/ice/base: refactor DCB related variables
  net/ice/base: support outer IP filter for GTPC
  net/ice/base: support outer IP filter for GTPU without inner IP
  net/ice/base: move a function
  net/ice/base: clear advanced rules in reset preparation
  net/ice/base: move a function
  net/ice/base: add check for failed acts allocation
  net/ice/base: remove repeated words
  net/ice/base: remove function ACL count query
  net/ice/base: preserve NVM capabilities in safe mode
  net/ice/base: misc minor ACL changes
  net/ice/base: adjust rate limit profile ids runtime database
  net/ice/base: enable QinQ filter for switch advanced rule
  net/ice/base: create flash info structure and separate NVM version
  net/ice/base: remove unused parameter
  net/ice/base: minor code clean
  net/ice/base: cache NVM module bank information
  net/ice/base: rename function
  net/ice/base: remove unnecessary conditional
  net/ice/base: rename ACL priority values
  net/ice/base: preserve default aggr vsi information

 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_acl.c           |  40 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_acl.h           |  22 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_acl_ctrl.c      | 200 ++++----
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_adminq_cmd.h    |  83 +---
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_bitops.h        |  47 ++
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_common.c        | 434 +++++++++---------
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_common.h        |   6 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_controlq.c      |  42 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_dcb.c           |  44 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_dcb.h           |  10 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_flex_pipe.c     | 266 ++++++-----
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_flex_type.h     |  49 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_flow.c          | 280 ++++++------
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_flow.h          |   1 +
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_nvm.c           | 293 ++++++++----
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_protocol_type.h |  15 +
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_sched.c         | 213 +++++----
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_sched.h         |  10 +-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_switch.c        | 755 +++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_switch.h        |  60 ++-
 drivers/net/ice/base/ice_type.h          |  77 +++-
 drivers/net/ice/ice_ethdev.c             |  20 +-
 22 files changed, 1803 insertions(+), 1164 deletions(-)